Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Month Without Internet Access

Well, it's not quite true. I have internet access at work, and when I go to my parents' house, but when I'm at these places it's usually because I have things to do... Things that are not blogging.

But oh, have I ever been doing things worth blogging about! And if Mal's going to get back into it, then I suppose I can, too.

At the end of December I started moving into my new apartment. I've been having tons of fun setting things up, decorating, putting my kitchen utensils in appropriate drawers and so on. With everything just about in order (for now), I threw a little housewarming party last weekend to garner some compliments and give myself an excuse to cook excessive amounts of appetizers.

The Menu
Pita chips with hummus and almond-eggplant dip
Stuffed mushrooms
Broiled polenta rounds with tomato-bean sauce
Corn & feta filo purses
Felafel stuffed with goat cheddar

Reasons Why I'm a Fool
1. Forgot to take any photos
2. Completely forgot to fry and serve the felafel

...So in addition to a housewarming party, I also had a lovely felafel dinner earlier this week with zero prep.

The point: Without internet access I've been (a) wildly productive on cooking, decorating, and making things. But (b) terribly incapable of blogging.
The goal: Continue part (a); rectify part (b).

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mallory said...

We had broiled polenta rounds at our cocktail party! Topped with onion-date chutney (cooked in my crockpot, oh my god i love my crockpot) and goat cheese. Everything sounds awesome.