Friday, May 20, 2011

Unexpected Pops of Patchwork

Like a lot of my fellow design-obsessed twenty-somethings, I go a little crazy for modern decor and super-clean lines. Although I love a good color blocking, I've never been a huge fan of quilting and patchwork. Don't get me wrong, I really admire the skill, patience and craftsmanship that go into intricate, multicolored patchwork pieces, but they often feel a little too precious or whimsical for my taste.

Not so with these pieces, which fuse handcrafted charm and sleek, elegant design, and would blend beautifully into a mid-century home. Best of all, by bringing patchwork out of the context of the quilt, these objects pack the power to surprise and inspire.

The first time I saw the Caitlin Chair by B+Y Design, my opinion of patchwork changed. The refined color palette and careful mixing of textures work beautifully with that playful but structured geometric pattern. I saw this about a year ago, and since then I've been imagining this motif on every chair in my house.

This room, featured in House to Home magazine, showcases gorgeous textiles from Vanderhurd in a patchwork pattern that mimics a mosaic and add instant depth to the room. Here again, the color and pattern choices are impeccable and play really nicely together to give a very streamlined look. That incredible chandelier from Habitat doesn't hurt, either.

This charming card from Etsy shop HereMyDear makes me just swoon. The font! The little stiches! The sentiment! I would definitely shy away from this mix of floral prints in a traditional quilt, but the crisp capital letters and even spacing keep it neat and fresh. I love it, and it's available in red or blue colorways.

Julian Louie collaborated with Aldo on these patchwork ikat wedges, and I love the look. I have to admit that these are just a pinch too high for me, but they're so much fun and definitely unexpected. And at $125 at Aldo, they're also pretty affordable.

Finally, patchwork is the perfect medium to fulfill a little digital nostalgia. Check out this pixelated pillow from Flickr user Voodoorabbit -- so sweet, simple and fun.

What do you think? What fresh takes on traditional crafts pique your interest?

Images: as linked above.

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