Monday, July 7, 2008

Making Tall Places

A couple days ago I went with my boyfriend to the carnival that is Navy Pier to visit our friend Sarah, who works for Chicago Public Radio. After a tour of the offices, she gave us fortune cookies and passes to the Ferris Wheel. So that was pretty great.
We went up on the McDonald's brand gondolas, up, up, up... and back down again. I took pictures. No surprise there.

There was obviously a great view of Lake Michigan and the skyline, and it was a beautiful clear day. One of the neatest things for me was to look out and see the Hancock building (that's the tall black one just left of center), where we had earlier that week had drinks. They have a lounge and restaurant, priced to fit the view, on the 96th floor. The weather that day wasn't nearly as spectacular, but here's the view down the shoreline from up there:

As a big public radio fan, I'd love to say that WBEZ Chicago was more exciting that these views... but you just can't beat being really, really high.

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emma said...

we miss you, you know, over here in chicago.

and as a native chicagoian i'm not supposed to say this, but i love navy pier's ferris wheel.