Monday, April 21, 2008

Flowers and beer in bloom

Like Sidonie, and this little guy, I am very excited about spring.

The weather on Friday was really nice, and after spending three hours in the afternoon waiting in a boring white room for a registration meeting that took all of two minutes, I unwound with one of my roommates by enjoying a beer on the grass in a park near our apartment. A major perk of Germany: you can enjoy a delicious, local, relatively inexpensive beer outside in public, and can do so legally.

I noticed these bottles poking up from the grass - not only the flowers are in bloom. I was glad I took a picture when I did, because when I looked later, the bottles had mysteriously vanished. Probably so that someone could collect the Pfand - it's amazing what money will do for recycling.

I've been doing more baking as well - a coffee cake that turned out great on the first try! It will show up on the blog if there is still a piece left by the time I get around to photographing it.

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