Thursday, April 17, 2008

While it's still cool enough out...

I took a long spring break in March (oh, the benefits of graduating without getting a serious job), and discovered why Cancun and Miami are such popular spring break destinations.
I went to northern Europe. And it snowed, rained, and hailed on me in every city I went to. With just a few notable exceptions, it was not warm.

And thusly I discovered piwo grzane, Polish hot spiced beer.

And I was skeptical.

I'm from Wisconsin. We don't do hot beer. We don't even like to think about warm beer, and we certainly don't approve of drinking beer through a straw (let alone two straws). But I'm an open-minded Wisconsinite, so I gave it a shot.

My Polish friend Asia and I sat in a cafe for several hours, as we are inclined to do, sipping hot, spiced lager from big mugs and taking lots of "arty" photos (as is our other major inclination). The hot beer was a lot like hot cider. I chose orange/cinnamon/clove spices, and Asia opted for ginger flavor; both were excellent--a little sweet, a little spicy, very warm but definitely still beer.

Yesterday here in Iowa we had a spectacularly beautiful spring day. I biked around in my springy pink skirt and waved at friends reading on the green of central campus. Today the wind and rain picked up again, the air is chilly, and, when I get down to it, I could really go for a night in with a good movie and some hot beer.

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