Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bits and pieces

I'd hate for my next Travel Photo Wednesday post to be my last post since, um, last Wednesday (ok, Thursday). But finals are looming, and I have limited time. So instead of something coherent and unified, here are some snapshots of my life in the past week:

I was walking home one day, and there was a carnival being built in the park near my apartment! Exciting. I didn't go on any rides, but I did have a beer with my roommates in the beer tent. Oh, and I bought a paper cone full of delicious french fries for 50 (Euro) cents.

Saturday was one of my roommate's birthdays and he wanted a Christmas party. I baked cookies (chocolate mint and peanut butter with chocolate on top) and we hung up paper snowflakes, listened to the Sufjan Stevens Christmas albums, and made Kahlua milkshakes.

I gave myself a haircut! The bangs were easy, but the back was tough. I wish it were shorter, but that will have to wait until I once again have a live-in hairdresser (um, mom).


Sidonie said...

So. Cute. That haircut is so cute! Great color, too. Love it.
PS Your mom was not your only live-in hairdresser, just the only one who never cut your bangs way too short :)

mallory said...

Oh, and you, of course. But you're not going to be my live-in hairdresser when I go home :(

And if you think my mom has never given me a bad haircut, I should show you some pictures of my childhood. (Sorry, Mom).