Thursday, June 26, 2008

So very late

I apologize for being such a blog delinquent. I've been doing final exams and papers for my study abroad program...but now I am done! Only with the program classes though, I still have two university courses. Regardless, I will have a lot more free time now, and therefore will go on lots of walks with my camera. I hope to do a series of "My Favorite Places in Freiburg" posts before I leave.

First, though, here is Travel Photo Wednesday.

In Meissen, Germany at Meissen Porcelain. We got to see several demonstrations of different steps of the process, which was far more involved than I imagined and explained why everything was so expensive. So much for bringing home a souvenir...but I was really impressed by the work and talent that went into each piece. There were even flowers that were made by hand, and you could see the fingerprints on each petal, shaped by hand, one-by-one.

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