Friday, June 13, 2008

dresses, plants, rain

I haven't posted anything real in awhile.
That's mostly because I have been filling out job applications like it's my, um, job.
Unfortunately, it's not. I don't have one. But I will!

And in the mean time, I'm going to
1. sew a jacket
2. read Jane Austen
3. swim
4. update this blog. seriously.

here's a quick tour of this past week:

The cutest thing in the garden right now is our circle of friends of green beans:

They've survived the recent downpours like champions.

And what garden would be complete without a terrifying plastic owl?

It won't surprise anyone to know that I've been cooking...

& my parent's CSA box has been keeping things interesting. We made a sweet salad from these pea vines:

Oh! And I totally forgot to post the (basically) completed gingham dress!
It's been sitting on my dressform, almost complete, for well over a week now.
The button tabs are still only pinned on. I just haven't gotten around to it...
But you get the picture. It's pretty sweet.

Until next time!

1 comment:

mallory said...

Oh, the dress is so cute. And when I saw the measuring cup photo I thought, "hey, that's pretty, why don't I take photos of my ingredients in measuring cups while I'm cooking?" And then I remembered that it's because I never have things measured out before I start. You cooking style is, perhaps, slightly less chaotic than mine.