Saturday, May 17, 2008

leftover post from my cooking overload...

As mentioned below, last weekend was sort of a cooking/baking binge for me.

Maybe the best thing I made, though, was spinach-ricotta gnocchi with red wine tomato sauce... it pretty much ruled.

First thing was to make the sauce and then let it simmer for, like, 45 minutes while we did everything else. Slow cooking... awesome.

Next step was to make the gnocchi mix. I'd only ever had potato-based gnocchi before, so this was a real treat for me. Plus, how cool does this spinach-cheese-egg mix look?

Lots of flour made them stick together!

Then they got the parmesan-broiler treatment!

And that really made the meal.
But what really made the meal (besides my handmade flying-objects-themed placemats!) were the cheese straws, pictured below. They were another product of my day spent in the kitchen. Really I made them for a party, but they went well with the meal, too.

This meal was amazing. We had no leftovers (except the cheese straws).

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