Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Moments from morocco

I've been in Morocco and Spain for the past week or so, which (partly) explains my long absence from the blog. Of course, I have lots of stories and pictures and adventures to share, but if I commit to describing the whole trip in a marathon post I am sure I will just never get around to it at all. So I'm going to try to share some little bits throughout the next few days.

Even though I saw lots of exciting, unusual things that I never see in my everyday life (skinned whole goat heads, fire jugglers, camels, piles of steaming snails, etc.), some of my favorite moments in Morocco were, unsurprisingly, the little breaks we took to sit down for a little while and enjoy something simple:

like fresh mint tea overlooking the beach in Essaouira,

fresh cherries by the side of a river in the High Atlas Mountains,

or fresh squeezed orange juice at one of many stalls in the main square in Marrakech.

The hot chocolate and churros that we had in Spain on the last night of the trip would be here too, if I had a picture, but sadly I don't. Just imagine the darkest, thickest hot chocolate possible and a frighteningly large platter of long tubes of fried dough. Mmmmm...

Some of my other favorite simple treats were fresh bread purchased on the street in Fez (a desperately needed snack when we got lost navigating the most winding, confusing streets I have ever encountered) and almond-filled pastries and tea at a tiny cafe in Fez (another impromptu snack stop when we once again found ourselves lost and hungry).

Hopefully, I will update with some more stories and some of my purchases in the next few days. First, though, I have to deal with one extremely smelly backpack.

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