Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unemployment rules.

So, in case you hadn't heard, i'm unemployed for the summer, trying to figure out my visa situation for the coming year, sort our employment stuff, but mostly, yknow, just being unemployed.

the cool part is that i get to cook and sew and go to the gym a lot, which is wonderful. I also get to cook with my retired dad, which is fun. my first day home, we made croquettes, see?

(yes, ok, you can't really see the delicious croquettes under the creamy goopy mushroom alfredo, but you can imagine them, can't you? I can, and it's been over a day since I ate the leftovers for lunch.)

Also, my dad and I bought some seven-grain organic flour, and I made maybe the best looking loaf of peasant bread I've ever made (ever seen? seriously good). Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture.

Other than that, everything I've been doing seems to be retro inspired. I blame A Dress A Day and El Fez Designs flickr, which I've been reading too much of.

But seriously. The last two projects I've made have turned relatively unbeautiful 80s outfits into fifties-inspired skirts. Here's this morning's skirt:

(And yes! That's my dressform, my eighth-grade birthday present, which my mom had been using in her archives museums while I lived in dorms and apartments--happy to be using it again!)

Next I started this red gingham dress, which hopefully will become beautiful later this week (it's a "very easy" butterick pattern, so I'm only allotting a couple days to do it).

It's this pattern, look how beautiful:

And then my mom's been getting rid of half her library, and giving away all her books... So here's my next read, I think:

PS. Did I mention?
Rhubarb Pie.
Sooo good.

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